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App Building

Let us build mobile presence with an App. Update your content via our CMS without any programming knowledge.

Update Anytime

Our CMS allows you to update new content at any time and have it instantly appear in your app or site.

Guided App Submission

We’ll guide you through the app submission process, ensuring that your app is of the highest quality.

Platform Updates

We’re constantly improving and updating our products with new features and functionality at no extra charge to you.

See How An App Can Work For Your Industry

Professional Associations

Stay in touch with your members and add value to their membership. Include video presentations, upcoming events, the latest news and more.


Brand your mission, communicate with donors, accept donations, and deliver rich content to followers of your cause within your own customizable apps.

Casinos & Gaming

Keep your customers coming back for more fun by sending push notifications on the latest events. Showcase your entertainment and allow for hotel room booking.

Events & Conferences

Update your attendees with push notifications, change event details on the fly, and showcase video live streams of your speakers within your own customizable apps.

Colleges and Universities

Show off your school colors, plot out campus buildings on a map, and communicate with students on the fly within your own customizable mobile apps

Other Industries

Build a deeper connection with your customers or members. Great for: Chamber of Commerce, Law Firms, Restaurants, Sports Teams, Churches/Synagogues and more.

Benefit from these great features

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send Geo Targeted push notifications to directly communicate important information to your users.

Advanced Tracking

We track components tailored for you that will help you better understand your clients and grow your business.

Social Media Integration

Users can spread the word about your brand through our partnerships with the world’s top social networks.

Extensive Client List

Gather pertinent information about your users, simplifying them by email address, location, and rewards.


Allow purchases and or bookings / ticket sales of any kind with an instant click of a button directly inside the app.

Detailed Statistics

We provide vital and detailed statistics of user engagement to help you gain insight of the benefits of your app.

Custom Rewards

Reward users with your own points system, badges, loyalty program, unlock and coupon codes and coupons.

App Stats

Track of how long users spend inside your app, so you can see how engaged they are.

Easily connect with these supported TECHNOLOGIES

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook & Twitter are integrated across our entire user interface, making it easy for users to log in and share content.


Import Instagram photos automatically into your app’s photo section with hashtags or by connecting your account.


Import streaming audio in your app with your SoundCloud account.


Automatically import videos from your YouTube channel that users can watch, share, and comment on in your app.


Automatically import your Vimeo videos that users can watch, share, and comment on in your app.

Eventbrite and Songkick

Automatically import event, festival, and concert info in your app with Eventbrite and Songkick.


Import audio tracks automatically with leading music streaming services. Allow users to purchase songs from your app.

RSS Feeds

Pull in news from your site’s RSS feed, Google News keywords, or even your Twitter account. All feeds update in real time.


Users can check in to events and locations right in your app with foursquare integration.

Many more supported technologies.

Some of the most popular services in the world.

Powerful Apps From Next Wave

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